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After School Care

Our after-school care operates every day that the school is open for children (ie term time only).  It will not operate:
•    On school INSET days
•    On days when the school closes early for parent consultations (two days per year)

The club does run on the celebration evening in July.

The aims of our after-school care are:
•    To provide positive examples of healthy eating to create a foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits 
•    To enable children to socialise, listen and talk in a relaxed atmosphere
•    To provide an opportunity for children to complete homework in a calm environment
•    To give opportunities to play

Our after-school care integrates with our normal school clubs.  Children may attend a club, and then join our after-school care for the remaining time.  There is a slight reduction in cost where that happens, as some school clubs are chargeable, although we still have to staff after-school care appropriately.

Cost and payment

The cost is £15 per session per child, or £13  if the child attends a school club first, which is payable via ParentPay (every parent will see an item ‘breakfast/after-school care’ for their child). This ‘account’ should be credited prior to your child attending.  Some parents may wish to load money onto their account weekly or monthly.

For after-school care we ask parents to register their child.  This is simply because if we don’t know your child will be there, we will not know to look for them!

A register will be kept in the office, and parents should telephone the office, preferably between 9am – 11am to book either for that day, or in advance (including booking regular attendance).  Note that if your child is absent from school, we will not expect them in after-school care and you will not be charged.  You should also state whether your child will be going straight to after-school care at the end of school, or whether they will be attending a club first (and which one).

Children noted as being in a club at the end of school will be collected by after-school care staff at the appropriate time.

Use of the provision in an emergency

If any parent (including those that have not used after-school care before) finds themselves unable to collect their child at the end of the school day (3.05pm), for instance if a train is cancelled, etc., the parent can phone the school office and ask for their child to attend after-school care on that occasion.  Payment should be made via ParentPay within 24 hours. 

Similarly, if a child is not collected from school within 15 minutes of the end of school (ie 3.20pm Monday to Thursday and 2.30pm Friday), that child will be put into after-school care and a charge made to the parent’s account.

We believe this is a reassurance for parents that all children in the school will be cared for appropriately.

Collecting children

‘Tea’ will be served to children between 5.00pm and 5.30pm, and therefore it is appropriate to collect your children after 5.30pm.  If you are driving, please park in Avenue Road and walk to the main entrance. If you do collect your child before they have had tea, you will be able to take the tea home with you (sandwich option only).

The person collecting your child will be required to sign that they have collected the child, and the time recorded.

All children must be collected by 6.00pm at the latest.  Our staff will be paid until 6.00pm and the school locked at that time.  If staff are not able to leave at 6.00pm, they have to be paid overtime, and this will be charged at £10 per family for each block of 15 minutes.  This is a penalty charge.

Although being late is of great inconvenience to the staff, who may well have their own commitments that they have to attend, again, parents can be reassured that their child will be cared for until collected.  For example, should there be a major incident in London, affecting transport and communications, parents will not need to worry about the safety of their children.

If you are going to be late, or need to speak to a member of the after-school care team about collection arrangements, please telephone the school number as soon as you can – 020 8642 5138.  The school office is attended until 6.00pm, and then there is an option to be put through to the after school club after 6pm.  Your call will be answered.

We already have procedures in place for children not collected from school, which includes contacting the Duty Social Worker and handing children over to police.  This would normally be implemented by 5pm for a child not collected from school.  In the case of children in after-school care, this will happen at 6.30pm if we haven’t heard from the parent/carer or are unaware of a local incident that may be the cause.