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Avenue Primary Academy is a large primary school and staff at the school provide the very best education possible within the resources available.  Each teacher runs a club at the school, and the majority of children attend at least one club each week, from around 34 that take place during each term, which includes some externally-run clubs paid for by parents.

Our clubs run to enrich the children’s experiences, and this is the philosophy we apply to our extended school provision – our breakfast club and after-school care.

Our breakfast club began in April 2012 following requests from parents to provide this service.  It has been successful and some parents use it every day, and others on an occasional basis, and the club normally has around 15-20 children attending.  From April 2013 the provision was extended to Reception-aged children.

Parents requested after-school provision, and a survey took place in February 2013 to gauge the level of interest in the school running its own after-school care.  The level of support was high, and so the decision was taken to introduce care at the school which runs from 7.30am to 6pm on every day that children are at school, and for Avenue children from Reception to Year 6.