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Base Curriculum

We provide a rich and engaging curriculum which develops a love of learning in our pupils and encourages them to develop key learning skills such as attention, resilience and collaboration. We expose them to exciting and enriching learning opportunities so they can progress through EYFS and National Curriculum at their own, appropriate level and pace, but we offer a broad curriculum which incorporates the teaching of life skills, emotional regulation and social interaction.

Our broad curriculum starts in our Little Wigglies class with our ‘Learning to Learn’ approach which teaches early learning skills through engaging, short and highly structured activities.  It progresses through our four classes to our Big Explorers classroom where pupils access a curriculum which is centered around focus texts from a range of genres and is driven by the children’s interests.  Pupils are broadly assigned to classes by age but groupings are flexible depending on the pupils’ needs.

Within our base, we promote the embedded approach to therapy rather than solely withdrawing pupils for therapy sessions. This means our Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists work with us to embed approaches, resources and therapy programmes into our curriculum and learning environment so that pupils receive this input all the time from all members of the base team.

Using the child’s EHCP long term targets as our ultimate goal, we set challenging, appropriate short term and yearly targets which focus on all areas of the child’s development.  We track, assess and report small steps of progress in all areas, including in areas of need common to the diagnosis of Autism.  Collectively, these elements combine to ensure we are preparing pupils for their own pathway to adulthood.