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Nursery Admissions 2020

The Admissions Authority for Avenue Primary Academy is Cirrus Primary Academy Trust. The Trust last consulted on its admissions criteria in 2019.

Applications for Nursery places for children who will be three years old by 1st September 2020 (born between 1/9/16 and 31/8/17) should apply directly to our Academy.  The closing date for applications is: 15th January 2020. We do not operate a first-come, first-served system, it is based on our admissions criteria.

Nursery places will be offered based on your child’s ranked position on 15th January 2020. If you are not offered the nursery session of your choice another will be offered to you; you are able to remain on the waiting list for the session of your choice.

Nursery outcome letters will be sent by e-mail on 24th April 2020.

You can still apply for a place for Nursery for September 2020 after the closing date using the link below, if there are no places available you will be contacted and your child will be placed on the waiting list. 

To apply for a place, please click here to access the online form. Please make only one application per child. You will be taken to a secure site to submit your form.

Please note the following information from our admissions criteria when applying:

Please note that attendance at Avenue Primary Academy’s Nursery does not give priority for a place in the Reception class the following year. Parents/Carers must re-apply and follow the process for entry to Reception (above).

Application for a place in Nursery is not made through the Local Authority. All applications must be made directly to the Academy by 15th January 2020.

Children will be eligible for consideration for entry to nursery from the term after their third birthday. Therefore, if a place becomes available in Nursery, for a child who turns three after 1st September 2020, he/she would remain in Nursery the following school-year, and apply for entry to Reception for September 2021.

If the Nursery is oversubscribed, the places will then be offered in the order of priority below:

Priority 1 – Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children
Looked after children are children in public care at the date on which the application is made. Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted or became subject to a residence order or child arrangements order, immediately after being looked after.

If an application is made under the looked after criterion, it must be supported by a letter from the relevant Local Authority Children’s Services Department. If applying under the previously looked after criterion a copy of the adoption or child arrangements order must also be supplied. 

Priority 2 – Medical
Children with serious medical reasons for needing to attend the Academy. For primary age pupils, a serious and continuing medical condition of a parent which would prevent them taking their child to school may also be relevant. Supporting evidence should set out particular reasons why the Academy is the most suitable and the difficulties that would be caused if the child had to attend another school. The medical reasons must be verified by a doctor or consultant and declared at the time of application if known at the time. A medical condition that arises after the application has been submitted should be notified as soon as possible. Decisions on priority of admission on medical grounds will be taken by the Academy’s Admissions Panel.

Priority 3 – Siblings
Children with a brother or sister who is reasonably expected to be in attendance at the Academy at the time of the enrolment of the new pupil. A sibling is defined as a brother or sister, half brother or sister, step brother or sister or adopted brother or sister whose main residence is at the same address. Siblings in Year 6 at the time of application will not qualify.

Priority 4 – Distance
The address given on the application form must be the child’s normal place of residence. School places cannot be allocated on the basis of a business address or the address of a relative or childminder.

Distance will be measured in a straight line from the child’s home address to the designated entrance of the school using the local authority’s computerised measuring system (GIS) and geographical reference points as provided by the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG).  Those living closer to the school will receive higher priority.

If a child lives in a shared property such as flats, the geographical references will determine the start point within the property boundaries to be used for distance calculation purposes.

Where parents have shared responsibility for a child following the breakdown of their relationship and the child lives for part of the week with each parent, the parents should choose which address should be used for the purposes of the application. Only one address is used for all preferences on the Common Application Form. In normal circumstances, parents should specify who has the child the majority of the week and evidence that through Child Benefit or other documentation.

The Academy’s geographical area of intake may change from year to year depending upon the level of oversubscription and the number and location of applicants.

Distance will be used as a tiebreaker for each oversubscription criterion. Where distance is the same for two or more applications, the child to be allocated will be selected randomly by the Local Admissions System.

Children of UK service personnel (UK Armed Forces)
The Academy will process applications in advance of the family arriving in the area providing that application is accompanied by an official letter that declares a relocation date and a Unit postal address or quartering area address.

Waiting Lists
The waiting list is ordered in accordance with the priorities identified in published admissions criteria (see above). This means that a child’s position on the waiting list can change, depending upon the number of applications received for places at the Academy and whether these applications are accorded a higher or lower priority in terms of the published admissions criteria. The Admissions Code requires admission authorities to order waiting lists on the basis of the priorities of the published admissions criteria and not, for example, on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Indeed, it is for this reason that late applications may enjoy immediate priority on the waiting list, ie if they have a sibling already in attendance at the Academy.

Waiting lists for entry to Nursery are maintained by the Academy and will be kept until the last day of the summer term. Applicants for nursery that are not offered a place will be automatically added to the Academy’s Nursery waiting list.

There is no formal appeal system if you are not offered a place in the Nursery.