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Our Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club operates every day that the school is open for children (ie term time only).

The ultimate goals of a healthy breakfast club are: 
•    That no child will start a school day hungry and without food 
•    To provide the energy and nutrition required by the mind and body for active learning 
•    To improve attendance, concentration and learning in the classroom 
•    To provide positive examples of healthy eating to create a foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits 
•    To enable children to socialise, listen and talk in a relaxed atmosphere

Cost and payment

The cost is £5.00 per session per child, which is payable via ParentPay (every parent will see an item ‘breakfast/after-school care’ for their child). This ‘account’ should be credited prior to your child attending. The charge of £4.50 is the same whatever time the child arrives, and whether or not they have breakfast. The club is flexible and you do not need to book a place. Therefore occasions will arise when children use the club in an emergency, and payment should be made via ParentPay within 24 hours. 

How do I put my child into the club?

The breakfast club is for Avenue Primary Academy children in Reception to Y6 only, and children should enter via the main entrance to the school, no earlier than 7.30am.  Younger children will probably be brought in by their parent/carer, and it is up to parents whether older children come in by themselves. Any messages that need to be passed on to your child’s teacher (infant children) may be given to one of the breakfast club staff.

If you are driving to school, please park in Avenue Road and walk into school.  We are sorry that parents cannot drive in.  We tried allowing cars in during 2012, but it caused issues with deliveries and staff coming into school, and created a potential safety hazard.


Three members of staff run the club. They ensure that all of our school policies and procedures are adhered to and that safety and behaviour are as we expect at Avenue. They ensure that the children eat a good breakfast and are welcomed into the school early in the morning, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience before school starts.

More staff will be employed should numbers in the club rise. Currently under 15 children attend and the ratio of staff to pupils is high.


A ‘healthy’ (there are strict guidelines on what we can and cannot serve!) breakfast is available up to 8.10am. At 8.20 infant children are taken to their classrooms by an adult, and junior children make their way to their own classrooms through the school building.

At breakfast time we try to serve: 
•    Plenty of fruit and/or vegetables e.g. adding a handful of dried fruit or chopped fresh fruit to a bowl of cereal, drink a glass of fruit or vegetable juice or a fruit smoothie. Good practice would suggest that a portion of fruit is always served at breakfast time.  
•    Plenty of bread, breakfast cereals and other starchy foods, for example: 
•    wholegrain or high fibre breakfast cereals (the School Food Regulations do not permit chocolate coated cereals)
•    porridge or instant oats – not initially, but possibly in the future
•    thick cut wholemeal, high fibre or white toast 
•    English muffins or multigrain bagels 
•    toasted teacakes or crumpets 

A typical day’s menu might include:
•    Wholewheat biscuits or rice pops served with semi skimmed milk 
•    Wholemeal bread served with low sugar jam or toasted teacakes served with low fat spread 
•    Mixed fruit pot or fruit yogurt smoothie 
•    Water  
•    Orange juice 
•    Semi skimmed milk


Children are provided with a range of activities for the time when they are not eating.  This includes craft activities and table-top games.  If space is available, more active games sometimes take place.  Health and Safety is a top priority and staff recognise that the age range of children is from 4 to 11 years.  In most cases this is positive, as the older children support and act as role models for the younger children.