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Parents E Safety Information

Welcome to the Avenue Primary School e-safety page!

At Avenue, we are always striving to stay at the forefront of new technologies to engage, enthuse and inspire your child’s learning, as well as equip pupils with the knowledge and skills ready for technological advancements in the future.

As part of this, pupils are taught the skills and knowledge to recognise and manage potential online risks.

We involve you in this wherever possible and support you in your e-safety provision at home. On this page you will find useful links, videos and documents to help you ensure that your home internet devices are e-safe.

We hope you find this useful – happy safe surfing!

Miss Del Grosso, ICT Leader of Learning

Documents from the presentation to parents

PDF of presentation
Conversation starter
Parent factsheet


You will need a Portable Document Reader (such as Adobe Reader) to view these files

Primary Schools Anti-bullying Booklet 0.4MB PDF
Microsoft Play Safe Guide 3.4MB PDF
Risks Children Face Online (advice for adoptive parents) 0.4MB PDF
Risks Children Face Online (advice for foster carers) 0.5MB PDF
Cyberbullying Factsheet 0.4MB PDF
Respect Me – Cyberbullying 1.6MB PDF
Inappropriate Websites Factsheet 0.4MB PDF
Grooming Factsheet 0.7MB PDF

Online Gaming – website links

 Other useful links

For more information:

If your child has been the victim of cyber-bullying, Cybermentors can help:

To view cyber-bullying advice videos in different languages, click here:

Link to our eSafety page and our policy page.


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