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Photographs and Videos of Children

We take photos of children regularly to record achievements in school (e.g. a Reception child writing, or a child receiving a certificate in assembly). All images are stored securely on our school network and are used for display purposes within school or as a record of evidence. For instance, during an inspection we used images as evidence of activities taking place. All images that we record are for educational purposes.

We like to share what we are doing on our website. Children love to see themselves on our website and enjoy sharing this with their family, especially other relatives. There are currently images on our website showing examples of activities in school, and there are galleries of images from recent residential trips. There is also a special page showing our team captains for the year. These children and their parents should be very proud.

When we put images on our website, we have some specific rules:

•    To avoid identifying a pupil by name (unless for a specific reason, such as an award or recognition, and in such cases, only using a first

•    To exclude any images of children where parents/carers have specifically requested that no images appear (e.g. in child protection
      situations or where knowing a child’s whereabouts might be a safety issue).

•    Only to show images of pupils fully clothed, and
•    Always to give parents/carers the right to have an image removed.

On occasions we are asked for an image for publication beyond our website (e.g. newspapers, advertisements). On these occasions we would allow a group situation, such as children working together in a classroom or playing outside, and would ensure that where a parent has specifically asked for no images to be used, that child is removed from the area prior to the picture being taken. If an image is required of one or two children together, or names are required (e.g. newspapers often request first names), we would contact the parent on that occasion, and we would only allow first names to be used.

I hope you will agree that the above guidelines are sensible and recognise that we have to keep children safe, but enable us to celebrate achievement. If you have a particular issue regarding your child and the use of images, please speak to Mrs Hunt (Head of School), Miss Cameron, Mrs Bignell (Deputy Head Teachers), Mrs Huzzey, or Mrs Brooke (Assistant Headteachers), and we will record that and ensure that our systems are in place to exclude your child from photos. If you find an image of your child on our website at any time, and would rather it is removed, please email the office and we will do this for you.

We will continue to allow parents to record images at school events such as sports days, concerts, and productions, provided these are for personal use and pictures involving any other children are not shared on social media sites.