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Principles for After School Provision

Our provision is part of the academy and included in a normal school’s Ofsted inspection, rather than a separate child-care inspection.  Staff handling food all have appropriate food hygiene certificates and receive regular training.

Parents pay for breakfast club and after-school care through ParentPay (our on-line payment system), and may also use childcare vouchers.  In some cases, we may support a family through a particular situation where the use of our facilities may be encouraged and even subsidised where necessary for a short period of time.

The academy’s Unique Reference Number (URN), which will be needed for parents using Childcare Vouchers, is 142177.  Avenue is already registered with several providers, but will extend this to other providers depending on the company the employer uses.  Please contact Mrs Cutler in our office with any queries about payments.

Our Extended School Provision is classed as ‘wrap around care’.  For Reception-aged children we are guided by, but do not necessarily need to meet, all the learning and development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (2012) for those children.

Our provision will complement learning during the school day.

The ratio of staff to children will be no less than 1:8 for children up to Year 2, and 1:10 for juniors, and in practice will be better than this.