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School Trips Insurance

 We provide insurance when your child takes part in school visits and off-site activities. You will, of course, be sent full details of every school visit or off-site activity planned for your child before it occurs.

These insurance arrangements have been made on condition that the guidelines set out in our School Visit Policy are followed. This policy is available for inspection at the school and has been drawn up with a view to ensuring the safety and well being of all those taking part in school visits.

School visits and off-site activities are planned with great care, but you should understand that occasionally it may be necessary to alter the arrangements made to take account of particular circumstances. Staff in charge will take all reasonable care of your child and you can help by explaining to your son/daughter that he/she will be required to obey the instructions and advice of the teacher-in-charge and other accompanying adults and will be subject to the school’s general code of behaviour.

You should also understand that the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to property suffered by your son/daughter during or arising out of a visit other than that due to negligence of the Trust or any of its employees.

You will also be asked to pay for any damage which may be caused by the misconduct or carelessness of your child to the person or property of any party or parties.

Each child taking part in a school visit should be in good health and you will be asked to ensure that your child is fit to go on any proposed visit. In the event of an accident or illness while your child is taking part in a school visit or off-site activity, every effort will be made to contact you, but failing that, you are asked to authorise the teacher-in-charge to consent to any medical treatment – including inoculations, surgery or blood transfusions which in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner may be necessary for your child in the course of the visit.

You will be asked to indemnify the Leader of a visit in respect of any expenses reasonably incurred in consequence of any accident or illness of your child.

You may take out additional insurance cover by contacting the party leader of a school visit or by making your own arrangement.

Please click here to view the Key Facts document about our school travel insurance, which is underwritten by AIG Europe Ltd.

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