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Snacks in School

Snacks for children in school

The new standards for all food served in schools came into force in January 2015. This makes it clear what may and may not be served at lunchtime, and similarly at other times of the school day. For full details, see

The standards do not apply to parties, celebrations to mark religious or cultural occasions, or at fund-raising events.

To be consistent in our message to children about healthy eating, at Avenue Primary Academy, we apply the same standards to food that children bring into school from home.

Some of the main points from the standards that apply to children bringing snacks to school

  • Only vegetables and fruit with no added salt, sugar or fat (Avenue is a ‘nut-free’ school, because of many children with severe allergies to nuts, and some seeds are also allergens).
  • No savoury crackers, crisps, breadsticks, cakes, biscuits, pastries or desserts (these are allowed at lunchtime as part of a healthy packed lunch).
  • No confectionery, chocolate or chocolate-coated products (this also applies at lunchtime).

Therefore, we allow children to bring in fresh fruit or vegetables. We also allow products such as school bars, fruit flakes, fruit peelers, so long as they do not contain added sugar (including honey).

Dried fruit can contain a high percentage of sugar, but so long as there is no added sugar, this is allowed. Some parents may decide that the high sugar content is likely to exacerbate dental issues and decide this is not for their child.

Note that all of our Early Years and KS1 pupils are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetables each day (eg an apple, tomato, banana) as part of the Infant Free Fruit scheme.

Many of the fruit products come in small packets. It is essential that children put these in a bin and do not drop them on the playground or in the building. If we develop a problem with litter, we will ban these products on the basis that they create a mess around the school.

To avoid children taking sandwiches, etc. from lunch boxes during the morning, all snacks must be taken to classrooms and children are not allowed to go to their lunch boxes until lunchtime.