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Teaching Staff

Mrs L Hunt
Head Teacher
Mrs C Bignell
Head of School
Mrs B Brooke
Assistant Headteacher - Teaching School Director
Miss L Guy
Assistant Headteacher - Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss L Del Grosso
Assistant Headteacher - Health and Wellbeing
Mrs A Vaz
Assistant Headteacher - SENCO
Mrs L Hilton
Assistant Headteacher

Leadership Team

Miss J Rose
EYFS Phase Leader (Maternity)
Mrs S Farrant
EYFS Phase Leader (Maternity Cover)
Mrs N Nunn
Yr 1 & 2 Phase Leader (Maternity)
Mrs J Bolden
Yr 1 & 2 Phase Leader
Mrs L Stock
Yr 3 & 4 Phase Leader
Mrs E Streeter
Yr 5 & 6 Phase Leader
Mrs H Maddock
Senior Teacher - Mentoring & Teaching School Support

Teachers – (listed alphabetically by surname. )

Mr Y Akinloye
Yr 5 Teacher
Mrs S Allworthy
PPA/Maths Leader
Miss I Austin
Yr 5 Teacher
Miss J Baird
Yr 2 Teacher
Mr M Baldock
Yr 4 Teacher
Mrs L Cook
Yr 3 Teacher
Miss S Cook
Yr 5 Year Group Leader
Miss A Cozens
ASD Base
Miss A Dancerelle
Yr 1 Teacher
Miss E Derrick
Yr 1 Teacher
Mrs J Dray
Reception Teacher
Ms J Emans
Year 4 Teacher
Miss A Eusden
Miss C Fernandez
Yr 4 Teacher
Mrs V Fitzgerald
Miss M Green
Yr 5 Teacher
Miss N Holloway
Yr 2 Teacher
Mrs K Jones
ASD Base
Miss R Jones
ASD Base
Miss D Kinsella
Nursery Lead Teacher
Miss A Kitchen
Yr 6 Teacher
Miss H Kite
Yr 6 Teacher
Mrs C Lamb
Mrs A Lloyd
Yr 4 Year Group Leader
Mrs R Mills
Yr 1 Year Group Leader
Miss E Morgan
Yr 6 Teacher
Miss O Nanasi
Yr 3 Teacher
Mrs S Oyesanya
Nursery Teacher
Miss D Penfold
Mrs M Petrakaki
MFL Teacher
Miss H Pinto
Yr 1 Teacher
Miss E Rubey
Yr 2 Year Group Leader
Mrs E Stockwell
Yr 5 Teacher
Miss F Salter
Yr 3 Teacher
Mr B Slade
Year 3 Teacher
Miss A Sussemilch
ASD Base
Miss A Taylor
Reception Year Group Leader
Miss J Vinter
Reception Class Teacher
Miss A Walls
Reception Class Teacher
Miss T Webb
Yr 2 Teacher
Miss A Williams
Yr 2 Teacher

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